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Raging Bull

Ninety minutes north of Sacramento, Raging Bull is breathing new life into the hills surrounding Black Butte Lake. With nearly 20 acres of wine grapes located far from the noise and rush of the city, it’s the perfect place to visit for a little peace, quiet, and great wine. If you visit in the fall, you might even get to join in and get sticky as the grapes are processed. 

The owners located and installed a classic, antique bar in the wine building, a perfect place for having a seat and sampling the end result of the production happening all around you. With the grapes sitting at the front of the property, Raging Bull boasts an additional 200 acres of land, great for stretching legs, running your dogs, and taking in the North State’s unbeatable sunsets. A private fishing pond sits beside the winery where guests are welcome to cast in a line, or just sit and watch the local wildlife enjoy the water. 






What started as a blank canvas land purchase by Charlie is now turned into a sprawling 20-acre vineyard amongst the rolling hills of Northern California.  Charlie is a behind-the-scenes production owner who keeps everything running effortlessly, whether it be getting new tanks, new wine barrels, or even lending a hand in the wine-making at times.  The vision has been morphed into what it is today. 



Sharon is the mover and the shaker for the Winery.  She runs all the events and enjoys being behind the bar serving you a glass of estate-grown wine over a conservation of how they got to be a winery.  Her contributions to the winery are endless, and if you see her around, she may offer you a tour of the vineyard. You will also see Sharon at many other events in Northern California serving and selling their wines.





Our Winemaker, Bryan Shaw, started with us at Raging Bull Vineyard in June of 2021. Educated in the Viticulture and Enology winemaking program at UC Davis, Bryan has won multiple silver and gold medal awards for his past vintages of wines at previous wineries. He offers a breadth of knowledge in many
winemaking styles and fermentation techniques, and continues to employ his education, knowledge, and experience in the winery here at Raging Bull.

Rue is undeniably the boss of the vineyard. She loves to interact with her winery pals, greet visitors and show off her dance moves at the parties! She will steal your heart over a glass of wine!


It started with a few acres of free land…

It started with a few acres of land…
Which would later turn into a stunning 20-acre vineyard with a production room, tasting room, and an event building. 

The founders of Raging Bull Vineyard wanted a place of enjoyment for family and friends to gather and enjoy.  Charlie always loved the beauty of Napa and decided that grapes would be the way to go, so off we went. We started with 5 acres and decided we wanted a few more varieties of grapes. We have stopped at 20 acres which is a lot for 2 to handle.

Not expecting a harvest for another year, RBV began with accidental wine-making.  With a full harvest on their hands and no contracts in place to sell the grapes the only logical next step was to make wine.  Starting off with three fermentation micro bins, the first-time winemakers learned, as they went, knowing that, and at worst, they would know more the next year than they did the first.

Its a growing, learning operation with an end goal of producing high-quality wine for years to come.  We welcome you to come and be part of our green dream among the brown hills.

Content by Raging Bull Vineyard Northern California Winery

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